Rafael - developer based in Brazil : "With remote working, I don't need to sacrifice my family for a professional career"

Published by Laura Braškė
On December 12, 2019
 Hello Rafael! May you present yourself in a few words? 
Hi! My name is Rafael, I'm a software developer based in Brazil, I have over 11 years of experience coding. I have worked with many different languages and projects, all these year in the office. Gladly, I have started working remotely - about 4 months ago. 
When I'm not coding, I spend most of the time playing with my son, playing soccer with friends, or just shooting the breeze over a cold beer :) 
What were the advantages in your personal life to go full remote? 
There are many advantages, but for me, it is important to be able to work for a great company, with amazing developers all around the world. At the same time be close to my family - I don't need to sacrifice my family for a professional career, that's the most important thing to me. 
Another advantage is the flexible schedule, I usually wake up early, after some working hours I go to the gym, sometimes I go running in the park. After lunch I always take a nap, so I recharge myself doing these breaks, I feel more productive and it makes my work more enjoyable. 
What are the tools you use with your customers? 
I mainly use Slack - it has many apps and integrations you can connect, it's very cool and helpful. For a video conference I use Zoom, it is also a great tool. Enjoy having using Google calendar as it informs me about the video meetings. 
When working remotely, do you prefer to work from home, a co-working space or other spaces? 
There's a nice co-working spacing very close to my home, but I rarely go there. I prefer to work from my home office, I love to have my own and quiet space. 
Would you ever go back to office work and hours? 
I hope not, I received nice offers to move to other countries, but I'm really happy working this way. If I knew that working remotely was so good, I would have started before. 
Is there something crazy you've already done thanks to working remotely? 
Well, I have been working remotely only for a few months, so I didn't do anything crazy yet. 
My wife and I are planning to go to Europe at the beginning of 2021 and stay for 3 months. There is no snow in Brazil, so we will choose some cold places to visit and to ski. 
Will be very nice to code, drink coffee and watch the snowfall :) 

You can find and follow Rafael here:

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