Published by Laura Braškė
On January 03, 2020
The freelance economy is growing step by step, and with the present enthusiasm in technology, the trend is bound to increase in the coming years. Freelance marketplaces are springing up to make hiring as necessary and as brisk as purchasing a cup of coffee. At present, 57 million US workforces are freelancers, and there’s an expected increment of 3.7 million freelance workers in US in the previous five years. It is anticipated that 43% of US workforce will be joining freelance world by 2020. 

This implies one out of two of us working in the professional services will freelance in the coming five years. We’ll deliver our very own services as an autonomous freelance worker rather than an office worker and should look for some employment for ourselves as indicated by our skills and abilities. For a large number of our children, freelancing will be the leading choice accessible to them to look for some employment later on. In case you have not yet checked out to freelancing, here are a few reasons to join the trend- 

Freelancing offers increasing income levels 

In the event that you’re thinking about freelancing, at that point, now it is the best time to do it. You can earn great money while freelancing. There are numerous high paying freelancing works accessible today. It barely matters whether you are doing full time freelancing or doing it part-time, you can discover something as per your ranges of abilities which you love doing, and get paid well for doing it. 

Progressively skilled individuals moving to freelance

Brilliant individuals value flexibility and freedom, which is one reason why the majority of the qualified individuals are going to freelance and accepting the open the door to accommodate their work around their lives as opposed to carrying out responsibility from 9 to 5 as an office worker. Another reason is the deficiency of individuals in key interest territories, for example, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and so forth. To satisfy these growing needs, the organizations are available to paying great money to experienced individuals any place they’re, which implies openings opening up internationally. 

Freelancing is stepping up globalization for companies 

Easy to envision today for a Thailand based organization to hire a designer from India, a developer from Pakistan, and a sales team in the US. This was neither easy nor conceivable, ten years back. 

Such team compositions mean organizations are testing settings of numerous cultures directly from the very beginning. This implies when the time comes to scale to another territory, they are as happy as an old shoe. 

Freelancing is helping link the talent gap 

As organizations wager on digital transformation, finding skilled individuals is troublesome. Given the relentless competition for ability, freelancers give a viable alternative. South Asia today brags of the highest number of Machine Learning and RPA professionals. 

Freelancing is opening open doors for all workforces 

The freelance workforce is growing quicker. Freelancing platforms are bringing together fragmented staff. There’s no age limit for a freelancer. Over 30% of the Americans beyond 55 years old are doing freelance work. After retirement from their job, many individuals do freelancing and think that it’s enjoyable. 

The startups are driving the interest up for freelancers 

Startups are intended to remain agile and minimalistic to be powerful. With more and startup ecosystems sprouting up all through the world, freelancing is bound to rise. Hiring a freelancer doesn't require long contracts, office space, HR policies, and so on, any startup might want to keep a strategic distance from as much as they can. 

Freelancing is changing the idea of entrepreneurship

In a customary market, entrepreneurs are the individuals who have started their organizations offering products and services and grow their business, including more staff and revenue. Yet, at present, a growing number of freelancers are taking on a completely extraordinary extra significance of entrepreneurship. They are using their ranges of abilities for various chances and selling them on the freelancing marketplaces, just working autonomously and setting up themselves as entrepreneurs. 

Freelance work is the Future 

The change related to a fully freelance, collaborative economy in years to come may appear to be daunting. In any case, this change will deliver hidden benefits that will improve our lives. We consequently need to embrace the change. 

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